The Truth about Permanent Makeup

Beauty is one of the things that remained constant throughout human history; more importantly, the desire to obtain and maintain a beautiful look. From ancient times, beauty has been associated with status, richness, power and nobility. Nowadays, beauty is a standard. We are judged by our looks and due to social pressure or simply the lack of time people have searched for and come up with permanent beauty solutions. This is also the case for permanent makeup, one of the many options women and men have to keep their looks fresh and save time or effort. Nevertheless, what is the truth about permanent makeup?


New Techniques versus Old Techniques: A Go or a No?


A couple of years back, when permanent makeup solutions were introduced to the general public (although they have been around for quite a while, available to VIPs and stars only), this alternative beauty technique did not come in cheap. At first, few could actually afford it, but gradually the prices became more than affordable for everyone. The only problem was the after effect, which gave the procedure an unnatural look and feel. Even today, we see a lot of people going for cheaper permanent cosmetics on deal websites such as Groupon, only to realize they have to invest ten times more in the end just to undo the disastrous effects. We can safely argue that Old permanent makeup techniques are a definite No.


New techniques to the rescue!


We believe the new permanent makeup techniques are a definite Go, that beauty should not be measured in how cheap a treatment is, but rather how effective and natural it looks after the procedure.

Let’s take for example permanent eyebrow makeup solutions. Eyebrows are extremely important to us: they give us confidence, they enhance our facial expression, they highlight our eyes (and remember that eyes are the mirror of the soul) and last, but not least, they can reflect our emotions and mood states such as happiness, relaxation, anger, concentration, determination or sadness. Therefore, eyebrows are a significant part of us and how we reflect our inner selves in the public eye. In addition, for these reasons and many more, eyebrows need to be perfect and look perfectly natural.

New permanent solutions such as 3D Hair Stroke eyebrows are safe to apply and the procedure is around 99% pain-free. The eyebrow therapist and beauty specialist will carefully inspect which colour tone best complements the client’s skin tone, measure and make sure each eyebrow is symmetrical in shape and size with the help of a pencil. Each pigment is blended evenly and carefully across the entire eyebrow, from top to bottom, in the natural hair growth direction. In most of the cases, the natural shape of the eyebrow is being kept, except for cases in which the natural eyebrow shape has been severely damaged. Any hair that creates a negative effect on the natural look of the eyebrow will be disposed of. After the permanent 3D Hair Stroke eyebrow procedure, a follow-up treatment is applied in the form of creams and gels that will protect the areas from germs, dust, and environmental stress factors, until the skin underneath the eyebrow is completely healed and healthy.

Today, the 3D Hair Stroke treatment is one of the most popular permanent makeup solutions due to the natural look of the eyebrows.


Word of Advice before Undergoing Permanent Makeup Treatments


Here is a list of things you need to check before a permanent eyebrow treatment:

  • Perform a detailed research online and offline and find out what is the best permanent makeup service or salon in your area/country;
  • Always look for a qualified and experienced beauty therapist. Experienced beauty therapists will make you feel relaxed as soon as you enter their beauty salon through music and atmosphere. They will also talk to you and treat you like a valuable customer. Most importantly, they will not rush you into a treatment without your full consent and of course, perform all the pre-treatment actions that we mentioned above. Some of them include careful measures and colour tone compliance;
  • Maintain a healthy diet before and after the treatment, in order for the skin underneath the treated area to recover rapidly and completely;
  • Invest in a beauty procedure, as cheap alternatives have in 99% of cases disastrous effects which might lead to paying ten times more just to restore the old look back, plus the new treatment;
  • Carefully consult with your doctor before undergoing permanent makeup if you have acne, severe skin conditions or rashes to the pigment colour ingredients.


We hope this article managed to answer your questions concerning the truth about permanent makeup. You can always contact us to learn more about our services and permanent makeup techniques.

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