How our training works: Step by step

Are you wondering what will actually happen during your training, how you will spend your time and what you’ll be learning as you move through the course? Here, we outline the training programme in a step by step manner, to help you visualise how your skills will progress and reach a successful outcome.

  1. Theory

Before we get started with the hands-on training, you will receive a pre-training home study manual to bring you up to speed with the ins and outs of permanent make up. We expect you to spend around 40 hours at home, studying the material. It is crucial you take this part of your course seriously, as it teaches you all the theory you’ll need to know before putting your skills into practice with Emma.

  1. In house training (over two days)

We offer highly flexible training to suit your own personal needs and timetable. During these two days, you’ll learn all the practical skills you’re going to need as a PMU practitioner, and will have a chance to try out the techniques for yourself. You’ll be learning:

  • Colour theory: Matching shades and colours to the client’s natural skin tone
  • Skin undertones: Crucial for understanding how shades work together
  • Facial shapes: What make up suits what face shapes
  • Health and safety: Keeping you and your client safe during the treatment
  • Eyebrow shaping: How to draw a beautiful curve that suits the client’s preferences and facial shape
  • Drawing and tattoo practice: Using practice ‘skin’, we’ll get to work doing your first drawings and tattoos

By the end of these sessions, you’ll be ready to start creating your own designs and applying PMU tattoos yourself.

  1. At home practice

Picking up on everything you’ve learnt in your sessions with Emma, you’ll take a machine home, along with some practice skin, and start perfecting your technique. We expect you to spend around two to three weeks doing your own home-based practice, but of course Emma is on hand if you run into any problems during this time. If you have a full time job, this can be done in your own time, without any impact on your daily timetable.

  1. In house training (over one to three days)

Depending on the particular technique you are in training for, we’ll see you back at the clinic for between one and three days for the most exciting part of the course. This is where you’ll get to practice your new skills and abilities on real life models! You will be thoroughly supervised, so don’t worry about making mistakes, and of course you’ll have had lots of practice by now too.

  1. Home based case studies

Rope in your family and friends to undergo treatment at your premises, so that you can build up your portfolio of treatments. You’ll need to get photographic evidence of before and after treatment, and to cover all the areas you’ve been trained in to ensure you end up with a healthy body of evidence going forward.

  1. Assessment day

During the assessment day, you’ll perform a supervised treatment in front of Emma to demonstrate everything you’ve learned up until now. We’ll make sure you’ve eliminated all your bad habits, and that you can successfully complete a professional standard treatment on a model as part of your assessment.

  1. Completion

Once you’ve passed the assessment, you’ll receive your Foundation Certificate in Permanent Makeup. This is your qualification, and means you’re all ready to go! Now you can apply for your insurance (from Holistic Insurance) to start undertaking permanent makeup treatments on your own. Time to celebrate, because your new business is ready to open its doors!

  1. Shadow days

In addition to this training, Emma offers all her trainees up to five shadow days in her clinic to watch her work. During these days, you’ll learn more about the procedures, and will pick up on some of Emma’s best practices which you can take back and implement in your own clinic.

  1. Ongoing support

Following completion of your training, Emma offers an unlimited mentoring and support by telephone or Skype, so that you can get the support you need to continue your development on your own.

  1. Free treatment

You’ve learned all about permanent makeup, now why not enjoy one yourself? Emma offers every trainee a free treatment up to the value of £495 so they can enjoy the beautiful results of her expert handiwork for themselves.

Our course is designed to give you the practical skills you’ll need to start your own PMU business. If you have any more questions about the structure or content of the course, please do get in touch with Emma for an informal chat.