Terms and Conditions For PMU Training Courses

By purchasing micropigmentation training courses from Emma Hall Beauty, you (‘the Client’) are agreeing to the below outlined terms and conditions. This Agreement (‘the Agreement’) is entered into between yourself and Emma Hall Beauty, regarding group permanent makeup training and bespoke 121 advanced private tuition.

These terms and conditions are part of the contract you enter into when purchasing services from Emma Hall Beauty and by processing payment, you are agreeing to them in full.


All micropigmentation and permanent makeup training courses are provided by Emma Hall Beauty Limited (herein referred to as ‘Emma Hall Beauty’, ‘we’, or ‘us’). Emma Hall Beauty is a company registered in England and Wales with the company number 10134528. Registered offices for Emma Hall Beauty are ℅ Old Anglo House, Stourport on Severn, DY13 9AQ, UK. All micropigmentation and permanent makeup training takes place onsite at Therapia Beauty Clinic, 21a Hollyfield Road, South Walmley, Sutton Coldfield B76 1NY.

These terms and conditions are part of the contract you enter into when you purchase training courses from Emma Hall Beauty.

(1.1) Emma Hall Beauty will  provide all courses advertised on our website with responsibility and care, adhering to industry codes of conduct with the exception of in specific circumstances or circumstances out of our control, which are noted in clauses 4 and 10.

(1.2) We do not appoint sub-contractors to assist us with the running of our courses and carry out all training in person. Our primary obligation to you is to run educationally focused courses which provide you with the fundamental knowledge required to practice micropigmentation safely and responsibly and as such undertake all training personally to ensure your best interests are in mind.


(2.1) By making a booking or enrolling on a course with Emma Hall Beauty, you are confirming that you are the individual who will personally be undertaking the course and are not representing an individual. If you are making a gift purchase for a family member or colleague, you agree that you will before the enrolment date, send these terms and conditions to the new student, advising them to read the document in full before training commences, as all outlined points must be agreed and adhered to.

(2.2) In order to make a booking you must be 18 years or over. Emma Hall Beauty does not provide training to individuals under the age of 18 years, or to students who are not residents of the United Kingdom.

(2.3) Before any bookings are confirmed, a contact form must be completed in full (which can be found on our website at https://www.emmahallbeauty.com/permanent-makeup-training/book-your-training/) and a telephone or face to face meeting being arranged in order to ascertain suitability for the training.  Once suitability has been confirmed your full details will be required and a deposit or full payment made to secure your place on the course. If your booking request is accepted, we will email you directly an enrolment letter, to confirm the date on which training will take place and the balance remaining (if any outstanding monies are due). By sending a completed booking request and being sent an enrolment letter, you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you have not received a confirmation of your place on the training course within 5 working days of our conversation or meeting, please email us at info@emmahallbeauty.com

(2.4) Once your booking request has been formally accepted by us in writing (either by email of an enrolment letter or in person), you (as the student named on the booking form) will be entering into a formal binding contract with us, which will comprise of these terms and conditions, information provided on your booking form and training site rules and regulations. You will be liable for any outstanding payments due regarding your course. The date on which this contract commences will be the date on your enrolment letter / email. It is your responsibility to check all information and start dates noted on the enrolment letter and to contact us via email at info@emmahallbeauty.com  if any errors have been made, so that we can rectify them with immediate effect.

(2.5) These terms and conditions constitute the agreement between us and will outline our commitment to you and your commitment to us as a student.

(2.6) Course descriptions provide an overview of what the training will include and expected outcomes. Course descriptions do not form part of our contract between us and you. If training requires flexibility and modifications to suit your specific needs, this will be taken into consideration and adjustments made within reason to accommodate your needs. Should additional expenses be required to implement these changes you will be responsible for these and will be notified in advance of them being carried out. We will not be held responsible for any compensation, loss of earnings, incidental costs and expenses associated with these changes and advise that you take out insurance to cover such instances.

(2.7) Emma Hall Beauty retain the right to decline and refuse a booking request, without the need to provide a reason. In such an instance no formal contract will be entered into and in the case that payment has been made in advance of your meeting with us, it will be returned to you in full.


(3.1) All payments and deposits are payable in Pound Sterling (GBP). Course fees are exclusive of VAT.

(3.2) Unless specified otherwise by us, all fees and deposits payable with your booking request once approved are as follows;

  • A deposit of £1,000 is required for all courses. Upon receipt of this a pre-course training manual will be sent out to you.
  • £2,500 is required to be paid 24 hours before the initial classroom training commences.
  • Depending on what treatments are being studied a further payment of between £1-3,000 (which will be outlined in your enrollment letter) will be required 24 hours before onsite practical days take place.
  • A final payment of £1,000 will need to be made 24 hours before assessment day.

(3.3) All payments must be made by the date specified in the enrolment letter.

(3.4) Failure to make payments on time will mean that you will not be permitted to proceed with the course until payment is received. In the event of late or non-payment, your booking will be deemed cancelled and you will forfeit your rights to your deposit and course training.

(3.5) Payment methods accepted are; bank transfer (details will be included in the enrollment letter), Visa or Mastercard, which can be processed over the telephone. There may be additional booking charges applied to bookings made via credit card, which you will be advised of before payment is taken. We reserve the right to levy a surcharge if applicable on course prices.

(3.6) We reserve the right to increase and make modification to our course fees at any time. Any such increase will be notified to you as soon as possible. Once a contract has been entered into the course fees and due payments will remain as stated on your enrollment letter.


(4.1) No refunds for payments made will be issued if you decide to cancel the course after an enrollment letter has been issued and you have entered into a contract with us. If you wish to cancel your booking before an enrolment letter has been issued, you will be required to send an email to us at info@emmahallbeauty.com. The course payment scheme has however been designed to follow a pay as you go approach. If in the unusual circumstances you decide that you do not wish to pursue permanent makeup as a career or have to cancel due to medical reasons out of your control, no refunds will be made for payments already made, however we will consider cancelling the payments owed for future training on an individual basis. It is important to note that full attendance and the completion of observed treatments will be required before you can practice and obtain our graduation certificate. We will not be liable to pay for any incidental costs, expenses or compensation as a result of you cancelling the course, or for any other costs relating to loss of earnings or loss of damages arising from the cancellation.

(4.2) Failure to attend a course will be deemed a cancellation and you will forfeit your deposit and entire course fee. Likewise if you leave a course before completing it in full and passing all observed assessments, you will forfeit any payments made to us and will not obtain a graduation certificate.

(4.3) We understand that unplanned events happen that are out of your control which may result in you cancelling the course and recommend that you take out insurance for such eventualities, which includes protection against course cancellation. However as mentioned in clause 4.1 we will review each case on an individual basis. Our decision will be final.

(4.4) We reserve the right at our discretion to cancel a course before or after it has started for reasons of ‘Force Majeure’ (as outlined in clause 10.1) and in such an instance will not be held liable to pay any compensation, expenses, incidental costs, damages or loss of earnings that may arise. Please be advised that we recommend you to take out insurance cover which includes protection against course cancellation.

(4.5) All micropigmentation course fees are subject to change without prior notice. Current prices will be displayed on our website at www.emmahallbeauty.com


(5.1) Each course carried out by Emma Hall Beauty is on a one to one basis, to ensure tailor made training. In the instance that training takes place in a small group setting you will be notified of this in advance of the training commencing. We comply fully with all UK data protection laws and do not share your information with any third parties, without your consent.

(5.2) As a student of Emma Hall Beauty you will be expected to conduct yourself with professionalism and adhere to industry codes of conduct and health and safety regulations, which will be discussed throughout training at all times. If at any time it is considered that you are not complying with these rules and regulations then we have the right to stop training with immediate effect and have a formal discussion about behaviour and ongoing expectations. Specific regulations will be explained at the start of the course which you will be required to observe. The use of alcohol or non-prescription drugs when training is strictly forbidden and if you are deemed to be under the influence of such substances training will not take place.

(5.3) You will be required to obtain insurance to practice (against medical and personal accident risks, valid for the UK) and present it to us prior to being able to complete case study and practical training days. You will also be required to have started immunisation against Hepatitis C and other immunisations as advised by us before practical training days. Failure to show immunisation documents from your Doctor will result in you being unable to work on practical days. It is the sole responsibility of yourself to find out rules and regulations regarding practicing in your area from your local council and to ensure that your insurance cover is sufficient to meet your requirements and needs, including disclosing any pre-existing medical conditions to your insurers and all other information requested.

(5.4) You must be 18 years or over to enrol on the course and will be required to have a good understanding of both written and spoken English, in order to be able to communicate effectively with training models and future clients in a safe and effective manner.

(5.5) If you have a specific medical requirement or additional learning needs, you must inform us of this prior to the start of your training course. Filming the entire training is prohibited for copyright reasons, however you will be permitted to take images of work you have carried out and also audio record certain parts of the training if necessary for your learning needs, under special arrangements.


(6.1) Equipment is provided for each student for onsite training. The equipment provided comprises of the fundamentals you will require to train effectively in micropigmentation namely; a PMU device, hand-piece, needles, 6 pigments and consumables (gloves, apron, sanitisers, micro brushes, barrier film, sharps bin, client head bonnets, cosmetic pencils, sharpener and callipers) required for carrying out a health and safety compliant training. If for any reason you feel you require additional equipment to train with, this will be discussed in person throughout onsite training.

(6.2) You will be responsible for the purchase of and wearing of suitable beauty tunics, trousers and flat (non slip) shoes for onsite and practical days. If we deem your clothing to be inappropriate or unsafe we retain the right to stop the training from going ahead, until suitable clothing is worn.

(6.3) A pre-course manual will be sent out to you 1 month before training takes place for review, after a deposit has been made. You will not be charged postage or shipping costs for this.

(6.4) You agree to take reasonable care of our property and equipment when training onsite. We reserve the right to charge you for the reasonable cost of replacing or repairing any equipment or items which are damaged by you during a course through negligence or not handling with sufficient care as instructed.

(6.5) Emma Hall Beauty hold all micropigmentation courses at Therapia Beauty Clinic, 21a Hollyfield Road, South Walmley, Sutton Coldfield B76 1NY. You will be responsible for your luggage and personal equipment at all times. We take no responsibility for any loss or damage to any of your personal belongings when training.

(6.6) A full list of equipment provided as part of our training courses is available on our website at www.emmahallbeauty.com. For further information about suppliers we use and warrantees, please email us directly at info@emmahallbeauty.com


(7.1) All training takes place Monday to Sunday between the hours of 10:00 – 18:00. Classes start promptly and if you are late will not run over to make up time. It is your responsibility to catch up for time missed. Training does not take place on UK bank holidays.

(7.2) You will be required to attend all practical and onsite training days, in addition to completing additional work at home. Failure to attend on the first day will preclude you from attending any further part of the course and you will not be titled to a refund, or offered an alternative start date.

(7.3) We do not provide student accommodation, however are happy to recommend local hotels which you will be required to pay for directly, if you do not live locally.

(7.4) Pre course study is required involving 40 hours of pre-study using the training manual which will be sent to you before onsite training commences.

(7.5) In addition to you training you will be required to successfully carry out a series of observed permanent make-ups, in addition to 6 case studies of eyebrows, 4 case studies for eyes and lips, manual and written exams, which will be assessed by us. If we do not deem your work of a sufficient standard to pass the course, we will ask you to complete further case studies until we are satisfied that your work and competence is of a high level and acceptable for certification.

(7.6) Training will be assessed by documenting each case study with before and after photos, which will be approved by us and an assessment of work on a live model.

(7.7) The first assessment day is part of your course. If a second assessment day is required this will also be complimentary, however if additional assessments are required after this, charges of £200 per area will be incurred by yourself.

(7.8) In order for assessment to take place you will be required to have a 100% course attendance rate.

(7.9) Upon the successful completion of the course, post course mentorship is provided by Skype, Facebook or telephone which has no time limit.

(7.10) Payment for and attendance of training does not guarantee a qualification or certificate of achievement. Certificates are gained by the successful completion of the criteria and the assessment of case studies to ensure that you have the knowledge and skills required to successfully and safely carry out permanent makeup procedures.

(7.11) We shall not be liable to you, whether in contract, breach of statutory duty or otherwise including loss or profit, indirect or consequential loss, statutory duty or tort (including negligence) in connection with the provision of our training, certification or the cancellation of training in exceptional circumstances


(8.1) We take all complaints very seriously and actively encourage honest and constructive communication. If you have a complaint we will aim to resolve it with immediate effect in person, however should you feel the need to document it please email us directly at emmahallbeauty@gmail.com. Unless you bring a complaint to our attention we will be unable to address and resolve it to the best of our ability so please let us know as soon as possible. We do not respond to complaints made via social media and airing opinions in this way will not be tolerated. If you send us a complaint via email we will aim to respond to you within 7 working days. In accordance with UK law we will not be liable regarding any claims/complaints raised later than 30 days from the end of the training.


(9.1) Our courses are insured with Holistic Insurance Ltd.

(9.2) Upon the successful completion of our training, students are able to obtain insurance with Holistic Insurance Ltd.


(10.1) In exceptional circumstances out of our control, we may be required to cancel or reschedule a course. A Force Majeure event includes an accident or event out of our reasonable control such as; air and public transport strikes, acts of terrorism, industrial workplace action, threat of terrorist attack, extreme weather, war, acts of God, fire, subsidence, epidemic, natural disaster, power/gas/water leaks, loss of electricity, malicious damage, compliance with the police or government order, breakdown of machinery, postage strike, bankruptcy of suppliers etc. If an event is deemed to be Force Majeure we will do our best to provide/commence training at the earliest possible date and at a suitable alternative location (deemed appropriate by us if required), however we cannot be held liable or responsible for loss of damages, earnings, incidental costs, compensation or claims which may arise as a result of unavoidable circumstances.


(11.1) It is the sole responsibility of you to ensure that you have carried out sufficient research regarding available micropigmentation training to suit your specific needs before enrolling on our course. Emma Hall Beauty take no responsibility for any claims made against you after you have completed training with us. You take full responsibility to follow UK law, council regulations, health and safety requirements and industry codes of conduct when carrying out micropigmentation procedures on clients.


(12.1) We take no responsibility for your earnings post course completion. Any information regarding possible income provided by us, is done so in good faith, however we do not guarantee earning potential and do not offer distributorship, training opportunities or specific business development opportunities to increase your income.

(13)   UK LAW 

(13.1) These terms and conditions are governed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and the parties agree to submit themselves to the exclusive jurisdiction of UK courts.

(13.2) These terms and conditions constitute an agreement between both parties and by making payment for training you are agreeing to them.


(14.1) These terms and conditions may be modified and updated at any time, without any notice. You will be subject to the terms and conditions in place at the time of booking and are responsible for reading the current terms and conditions published on our website before booking any further courses. If we are required to make changes to our terms and conditions as a result of UK law or changes made by the government, the revised terms and conditions will be applicable with immediate effect.

Emma Hall Beauty are committed to your ongoing personal development. Our sole purpose is to provide high standards of training with relation to permanent makeup and micropigmentation and all training notes and onsite classes have been designed to help further your knowledge and confidence in this area of the beauty industry.

If you have any queries or questions with relation to the above terms and conditions please email us at info@emmahallbeauty.com

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