The Truth about Permanent Makeup

Beauty is one of the things that remained constant throughout human history; more importantly, the desire to obtain and maintain a beautiful look. From ancient times, beauty has been associated with status, richness, power and nobility. Nowadays, beauty is a standard. We are judged by our looks and due to social pressure or simply the lack of time people have searched for and come up with permanent beauty solutions. This is also the case for permanent makeup, one of the many options women and men have to keep their looks fresh and save time or effort. Nevertheless, what is the truth about permanent makeup? Read more

7 Day Healing Diary

permanent makeup before-after
Day of treatment… before and after… (Before pic – wearing mineral powder, mascara and eyeliner pencil no brow pencil and mascara – After pic just mineral powder)

Really happy with the results, even let Emma make my brows a bit bigger this time as I trust her so much… The treatment itself was a bit uncomfortable but I know the long lasting effects are worth it else I wouldn’t have gone back to get them redone after nearly 2 years of having the done for the first time by Emma Hall. I got home and of course they felt a bit sore htey had had a bit of rubbing and tugging but bathed them and applied the special balm and they soon felt btter I forgot about them during the evening except when I went passed a mirror and checked myself out lol. Read more