7 Day Healing Diary

permanent makeup before-after
Day of treatment… before and after… (Before pic – wearing mineral powder, mascara and eyeliner pencil no brow pencil and mascara – After pic just mineral powder)

Really happy with the results, even let Emma make my brows a bit bigger this time as I trust her so much… The treatment itself was a bit uncomfortable but I know the long lasting effects are worth it else I wouldn’t have gone back to get them redone after nearly 2 years of having the done for the first time by Emma Hall. I got home and of course they felt a bit sore htey had had a bit of rubbing and tugging but bathed them and applied the special balm and they soon felt btter I forgot about them during the evening except when I went passed a mirror and checked myself out lol.

Washed them in sterile salt water with cotton wool applied more balm before bed.

Day 2

permanent makeup before-after(wearing mineral powder / mascara) Today I woke up looking forward to looking at my new face! lol Eyes feel like the swelling has gone down a bit, a bit sore but feeling like they are drying out a bit – healing so thats good… Looked in the bathroom mirror and can see they have scabbed over a bit. After I’d washed my face carefully in the shower I dried my face and wiped my brows and eyes carefully with clean cotton wool pad and sterile salt water blotted dry with clean facial tissue and applied the balm. I use mineral make anyway which is recommend to use after these procedures applied it avoiding the brows and eyes. And opened a new mascara to prevent cross contamination to my eyes from my previously used mascara.

Day 3

(wearing mineral powder / mascara) Eyeliner shrinking, as it’s healing feels a bit tight as do the eyebrows. Eyes still a lil puffy but a lot better as it’s not so noticeable when I blink etc… redness reducing too.

Day 4

(wearing mineral powder / mascara) Definitely scabbing up a bit eyebrows feel a bit dry and look a bit flakey too, eyeliner feels a bit tight like i’s scabbed up too… all nice and dry though and healing nicely. Eyelashes have got a bit mushed up in the healing I thing the eyeliner scabbing is causing that. Redness has reduced a lot though and so has the puffiness the difference since yesterday in massive.

Day 5

 (wearing mineral powder / mascara) Both Brows and eyelash enhancement both itchy trying hard not to rub. Eyebrows look a bit patchy as they are flaking a fair bit… good they are dry and healing though, applied balm to sooth the itching a bit.

Day 6

(wearing mineral powder / mascara) Thankfully after an evening of terribly itchy brows washing my face at night and showering this morning the flakes have gone! Almost all the scabbing bits have gone from my eyeliner/enhancement too and my lashes are nearly back to their normal curl (the scabs were pushing them down and made them look really short too??!)

Day 7

Everything feeling lots better… just a tiny bit of flaking skin on the eyebrows and no swelling left now washing my face as normal without having to be careful. Loving the new shape the eyebrow have given my face and the depth the eyelash enhancement has given my eyes too.